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Baby Natrual Soothing Gel

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1. No slip-off like dirt, no oil, and no sticky feeling !                          

: It is instantly absorbed into skin without slipping off, keeping skin's surfave moisturized and soft.


2. Making sweat-irritated skin soft and health !                 

: It gently permeated baby's skin that has become dry due to failure of proper formation of sweat pores and skin area that has become red due to external irritations, making skin soft and healthy. 


3. Making the skin more moisturized by giving a refreshing feeling of coolness !    

: Through rapid absorption and refreshing cooling, it soothes externally irritatiaed skin and supplies moisture.

  The product makes skin moisturized and clear.                 


4. Soothing skin without irritation thanks to natural ingredients !                                  

: No irritating additives! It contains plenty of plant extract ingredients, such as carrots, Aquilaria agallocha stem extracts, Centella asiatica extracts, etc., so you can use it comfortably as a mild, irritation-free soothing gel.  


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Baby Natrual Soothing Gel