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Baby Natural 150 Plus Cream

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1. Moisturizing dry face and skin                                                                     

 : The highly enriched ceramide ingredients directly act on the face that has become rough and dry due to

   extermal, moisturizing it rapidly and keeping it moisturized for a long time.                                           


2. No harmful ingredients, Many of natural ingredients ! Garanteed Safe                                            

 : You can use it safely because no harmful ingredients are added. with its premium natural ingredients, it forms a

   moisture berrier on skin, keeping it softer and more moisturized.


3. Intensive care for damaged skin area with its rapid moisturizing powder                 

 : The prescribed amount of moisturizer was increased to the 150% level, once absorbed into the damaged homy

   layer, it forms a skin- skin and soothing skein that has become sensitive.


4. Keep skin moisturized                                                                                                     

 : Giving a soft feeling with every use, it is rapidly absorbed into skin, thus keeping skin's surface smooth and

    the inside of the skin moisturized all day long.  

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Baby Natural 150 Plus Cream